Madam Glam Gel & Gelementary Polish Swatches & Review

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How has your weekend been thus far? Mine has been good. Today is my daughter's 7th birthday!!😭😭I can't believe that she's 7 already! Today we're just going to hang around and go out for dinner plus I have to go and pick up her birthday cake. Then tomorrow we should be having a little party at a splash pad if it doesn't rain. Fingers Crossed. Today I'll be sharing some swatches of Madam Glam polishes that are longgg overdue! Keep reading for more!

Five out of the six polishes did require me to use a lamp to cure them since they are gel. All of the gel polishes had a smooth formula, amazing shine and built to full opacity nicely. They also didn't take long to cure at all. The gel polishes all required three coats while the Gelementary polish only required two. All photos are shown with top coat. 
Back To Cali

Back To Cali is a classic nude polish. I actually ended up liking this polish a lot more than I thought I was going too.

Love Me Nude

Love Me Nude is a muted taupe polish which I personally found to be very pretty.


Mindset is a gorgeous blue polish that does have some slight grey undertones to it. To be honest, when I first saw the polish I was really unsure about how I would like it against my skin tone and how it would look against my skin tone. Let's just say I'll be sure to use this polish more often!

My Heart Goes Boom

My Heart Goes Boom is a muted rose/blush gel polish. I absolutely love how this looks against my skin tone! So delicate!


Souvenirs is a lovely medium grey creme polish from the Gelementary line. This line gives you a gel likes finish without the need to use a lamp to cure the polish. This could very easily be a one coater depending on how you apply your polish.


Stardust is gold glitter polish suspended in a clear base with holo hexes in various sizes. Reminds me of a party on my nails. I could have stopped two coats but did three for more glitter lol.

And that's it for the Madam Glam polishes that I have to share with you today! Do you have a favourite? I think mine would have to be Mindset, My Heart Goes Boom and Stardust. Don't forget to keep up with Madam Glam by following them on their social media links down below!

Madam Glam

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*Back To Cali, Love Me Nude, Mindset, My Heart Goes Boom & Stardust were provided to me by Madam Glam for an honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own and are not influenced in any way*


  1. The blue is definitely my favorite - what a lovely color!

  2. So many great colors in this collection! Flawless swatches as always!

  3. Your swatches are fabulous! I so miss gel polish but not prepared to risk a reaction again x

  4. Love the first four pastels. It’s a gorgeous color scheme

  5. Those are all pretty but Back to Cali is a beauty!

  6. Thanks so much! Of course I don't blame you.

  7. I agree! I actually ended up liking the blue a lot more than I thought I was going too.


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