January 2018 Monthly Mani Favourites

Hey Guys!,

How's it going? Sometimes I need to take a step back from everything as daily things can get overwhelming for me. So I'm hoping this week won't be as hectic. Either way today I'll be sharing my Monthly Mani Favourites for January! Individual links to each mani will be posted below. 


  1. WNAC Day 5 - Dotticure + Tutorial
  2. Watermarble Wednesdays: Lilac & Pink
  3. Clairestelle8 Day 10 - Stone
  4. 26 Great Nail Art Ideas Day 19 - Embellished/3D
  5. WNAC Day 12 - Grid
  6. Clairestelle8 Day 13 - Gradient 
  7. Clairestelle8 Day 16 - Stars

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