Color Club Eternal Beauty Swatches & Review

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Would you believe that I've had this gorgeous polish swatched from about the beginning of the year but I never did get around to sharing it on my blog! Lol. This isn't the only polish that I've swatched but haven't gotten around to sharing. I have PLENTY of those lol. Today I'll be sharing my swatches of Color Club Eternal Beauty. Keep reading for more!
Eternal Beauty

Eternal Beauty is a medium purple linear holo polish from the Spring 2013 Halo Hues Collection. This is the only polish that I have from any of the Halo Hues collection and I clearly need to fix that lol. This polish is absolutely beautiful with good coverage and had a very smooth application. Depending on how you polish you can very easily get away with just one coat. Eternal Beauty had exceptional drying time and built nicely. Shown is two thin coats with a glossy top coat!

Do you own Eternal Beauty? Do you own any polishes from any of the Halo Hues Collections? Let me know in the comments below! 

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