Fiendish Fancies Beautiful Creature Collection Swatches & Review

Hey Loves!,

My daughter is now counting down the days left until Christmas..or at least she's attempting too. Lol. Between Halloween and Christmas I'm not sure which one is her absolute favourite. Today I'll be sharing another collection with you and this time it's from Fiendish Fancies. Beautiful Creature Collection is a six piece collection of six colours inspired by Guillermo Del Toro's upcoming film "The Shape Of Water".

These polishes had a decent drying time, built to full opacity beautifully, and had lovely coverage. As I Am, Intricate, Beautiful Thing and Princess Without A Voice were fully opaque in two thin coats while In The Water, Sensitive Asset and Understanding Emotions were all fully opaque in three. All swatches have a coat of glossy top coat. 
As I Am

As I Am is a warm chocolate brown with bronze and turquoise sparkly shimmer! I'm usually not a fan of brown polishes but I really like this one.

Intricate, Beautiful Thing

Intricate, Beautiful Thing is a stormy grey with copper and sunset sparkle and turquoise shimmer! I did find this one had some slight visible brushstrokes but they weren't so visible one top coat was applied.

In The Water

In The Water is a bright marine blue frost with sparkly red and turquoise shimmer! This is such a beauty!

Princess Without Voice

Princess Without Voice is a guilded olive frost with bronze, teal and rose sparkly shimmer! For whatever reason when I first read the name of this polish I instantly thought of that scene from The Little Mermaid where Ursula tricks Ariel into giving her, her voice! Lol.

Sensitive Asset

Sensitive Asset is seafoam green frost with sparkly gold and blue shimmer! This is so pretty! I could have stopped at two coats but I did three for good measure.

Understanding Emotions

Understanding Emotions is a shifty purple with a flash of blue shimmer and red and turquoise shimmer! You already know that this has stolen my heart!

The Beautiful Creature Collection will be available at Fiendish Fancies in December!. Don't forget to keep up with Fiendish Fancies by follow them on their social media links down below! 

Fiendish Fancies

Do you have any favourites from this collection? What are your thoughts? Let me know! 

* Beautiful Creature Collection was provided to me by Fiendish Fancies for an honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own and are not influenced in any way*


  1. This is a beautiful collection!!! Great swatches.

  2. Gorgeous swatches. My daughter is too but I'm looking forward to seeing my granddaughters face this year!

  3. In the Water is SO pretty!

  4. That brown is amazing! I love a good brown neutral and this is one with a nice kick!

  5. Princess Without a Voice is so different! Love the shade and finish.

  6. Wish the flakes were more visible without the macros. I don't stare at my nails so closely LOL

  7. The brown is gorgeous! And that's a lot coming from me lol.

  8. Thanks Tracey! Awe you must be so excited!


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