WNAC October 2017 Day 20 - Ghosts

Hey Loves!,

How goes it? I hope all is going well. Today I took the little one to Michael's so she could create her own Trick Or Treat bag and she had a blast! I'm going to keep my eye out for more craft classes like that for her. I also was able to get a new planner for next year along with some sticker books! LOL. Today I have my WNAC Day 20 - Ghosts mani to share! 

I opted to do a simple freehand mani since I had not too long ago done a ghosts mani with one of the stamping plates that I own. I also recently purchased a new nail art brush and used it for this mani and really love how it turned out! I love how not your typical ghosts these look like lol.



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