Nail Crazies Unite Day 6 - Sugar Skulls

Hey Loves!,

How goes it? I'm for the most part glad the weekend is over. Star Wars was showing the entire weekend back to back and that's literally all my daughter wanted to watch lol. Well today I'll be sharing the prompt for this months Nail Crazies Unite Day 6 prompt! I'm not too excited with how these ones turned out but who knows maybe next time! Here we go!
So of course every year I say I'll get more stamping plates with a few more images on them including those with some sugar skull images. But did I do that. No! I swear I never learn lol. So I had to make do and attempt some freehand nail art. I'm not super happy with them but I don't totally not like them since this was my first time ever doing a mani like this one!

And I added a matte top coat!

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