WNAC November 2016 Roundup

Hey Lovelies!,

How is your weekend going? Mine is going alright, productive. Well I promised a second post for today and here it is! I have a the round up for each of the manis I did for this months WNAC2016. I've never done this before and figured it would be a good idea! Lol. Down below you can find the individual links to each mani! 

WNAC November 2016 Roundup
  1. WNAC November 2016 Day 1 - Stars
  2. WNAC November 2016 Day 11 - Galaxy
  3. WNAC November 2016 Day 18 - Moon
  4. WNAC November 2016 Day 26 - Northern Lights

Do you have a favourite? Hands down my favourite mani from this prompt was galaxy! Did you participate in this challenge this month? I can't wait for next months prompts! 
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