Born Pretty Store Flower Nail Wraps Review

It's Monday!,

That means it's time for a new week. How was your long weekend? Mine was good. Took the little one to see some fireworks Friday night and then when out for Canada Day. Today I'll be sharing some Flower Nail Wraps that +BornPretty Store Nail Art sent me. How did they turn out? Keep reading to find out!

Born Pretty Store Flower Nail Wraps

Initially when I picked these I thought they were decals. But clearly I didn't read the name and when they arrived I realized that they were instead nail wraps. I'm not going to lie I'm not a fan of nail wraps. They don't do anything for me, and I personally find them a bit difficult to use. These ones unfortunately had the same experience as any other nail wraps that I've tried before. The pattern is beautiful and maybe you'll have better luck than I did using them .

Born Pretty Store Flower Nail Wraps

Polishes Used:

I think for me personally I'll just keep far from nail wraps in the near future. Born Pretty Store has a very large variety of nail art supplies that will suite every ones needs. Don't forget to use my code SAFK31 to get 10% off of your purchase! 

Have you used nail wraps before? Do you like them? Let me know down in the comments below! 

* Flower Nail Wraps were provided to me by Born Pretty Store for an honest review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own and are not influenced in anyway*

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  1. I haven't used nail wraps before and i must say they look great on you - the blue flowers are stunning!

  2. These are really pretty. I'm with you on nail wraps though. I find them difficult to use too.

  3. They really are! It just sucks that wrap are so difficult.

  4. I do think the pattern is really lovely! I haven't actually tried nail wraps-- I feel like I would waste more time than I should trying to apply them!

  5. I adore the pattern so much! I also now remember why I don't use wraps lol.

  6. FairyTales NailsJuly 08, 2016 5:42 AM

    Very pretty pattern, I'm a bit like you only used nail wraps once and wasn't that keen x


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