Dupes!: China Glaze Lady And The Vamp VS. Ciaté Speed Dial

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It's time for a new month and a new week! I hope that you had a wonderful weekend. Did you do anything fun? Although it's "spring", we're still getting winter like temperature. Hopefully it only lasts for this week but I'm not surprised tbh. When I say winter like weather I mean we got some snow....again...ugh! I'm so over this lol. Alright, today I've got another Dupes post to share with you. The last one I did was in January which you can see here. See more after the jump! 

China Glaze Lady & The Vamp VS. Ciaté Hopscotch

Lady And The Vamp
China Glaze Lady And The Vamp

Lady And The Vamp is a vibrant neon orange creme polish. The formula was smooth, built nicely and had good coverage. You can view my full review of this polish here. Shown is three thin coats with top coat.

Speed Dial
Ciaté Speed Dial

Speed Dial is a mandarin orange creme polish that can lean more to the peach side in certain lighting. The formula was smooth, with considerable coverage. A full review of this polish can be found here as well. Shown is two thin coats with top coat.

Now the big question is are these two dupes?

China Glaze Lady And The Vamp VS Ciaté Speed Dial

Nope! Not even remotely close! Lady And The Vamp is much more bright than Speed Dial is. There for you can justify having both polishes :P. What it all boils down to is preference and what you're comfortable spending on a polish.

What are your thoughts on Lady And The Vamp and Speed Dial? Do you prefer one over the other? Do you own any of these? Let me know down in the comments below! 

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  1. great comparison post! We got snow here too, we are on day 2 of this crap, where is our spring! :(

  2. What I am wondering is how they compare to Hopscotch?

    Great comparison post, I think I prefer Speed Dial.. actually..

  3. Becca Faceache CatlettApril 04, 2016 3:06 PM

    I have Speed Dial but have been wanting Lady and the Vamp! Good to know I can happily justify both :) x

  4. I could to a review (sometime) of how all three compare to hopscotch if you'd like.

  5. Thanks Cheyenne! It's starting to clear up as I type this but I think we're suppose to be getting some more tomorrow....*Sigh*

  6. I would very much like such a comparison, and if you got any other shades in that range. Trying to find that "perfect" shade is so hard sometimes.

  7. I shall put it on my to do list just for you! :). I know what you mean by trying to find that perfect shade.

  8. Aww you are so kind. <3


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