HPB Presents: Spring

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How have you been? I could be better. I had a horrible toothache last night and then took some T3 and it made my feel nauseous and then I didn't get enough sleep so I'm just feeling blah right about now! It's the end of the month and that means that it's time for another HPB Link-Up. The theme for this month is Spring. When I think of spring I instantly think of Easter. Keep reading to see more! 

HPB Presents: Spring
Easter has always been fun for me especially because I knew that there would be chocolate involved and I've got the worlds biggest sweet tooth! Lol. But now it's even more special because I get to watch my little one enjoy it with family just as much as I did. Sappy I know but whatever lol. Unfortunately the idea that I had in my head just didn't translate as well as I had thought it would onto my nails. My stamped bunny looks creepy lol. I was running late when I did these and didn't have time to fix them. Maybe next year it'll turn out better.

HPB Presents: Easter

HPB Presents: Easter
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Did you do anything for Easter? Do you go and buy the discounted chocolate once it goes on sale? Thanks for stopping by!
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