Your Majesty It's Time To Indigogo Tutorial


Happy Monday!,
How was your weekend? Mine was kind of annoying. It was one of those weekends were nothing went as I had planned it too. Kind of frustrating! Anyways I'm back with another tutorial for all of you lovely people! See I'm trying to keep my promise about making more tutorials :). This is the tutorial for the Your Majesty It's Time To Indigogo nails that I did recently. You can find the products and polishes that I used here and the step-by-step instructions down below. Enjoy!
Step-By-Step Instructions:
  1. Apply your base coat
  2. Once the base coat has tried place a chevron nail vinyl onto the nail as shown above
  3. Taking the first color of your choice put polish over the tip of the nail vinyl as you see above
  4. While polish is still wet quickly remove nail vinyl
  5. Clean up any excess polish that may be on or around the cuticles using a brush lightly dipped in pure acetone
  6. Allow polish to dry thoroughly or you can use a fast drying topcoat to assist with this
  7. When dry place striping tape as shown above to create a triangular shape
  8. With your second color of choice apply polish as shown above 
  9. While polish is still wet quickly remove striping tape
  10. Allow to dry thoroughly
  11. Apply fast drying top coat 
  12. While top coat is still tacky quickly place nail stud onto nail as shown above and that's it! 

How did you find this tutorial? Do you enjoy watching or making tutorials? Thanks for stopping by! 

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