IMATS 2015 Haul

Hey Beautiful People!,

The week is almost over! Do you have any plans for the upcoming weekend? I don't. I've got three midterms that I've got to study for next week as well as a presentation. Reading week can't come fast enough. So by the title of this post you clearly know what I'm going to be sharing with you! Most of my goodies that I got when I went to IMATS this year!! It literally just passed and I'm already planning and thinking about going next year! LOL. Alright enough of my jibber jabber let's see what I got! 

IMATS 2015 Haul

This cute little pouch contains some glitter as well as an adhesive. I stalked them (Eye Kandy Cosmetics)  out last year when I was at IMATS but never purchased anything. I knew this year I was going to have to grab some! These can be used on the lips as a glitter, on the eyes. as an eyeliner and more! I'm already thinking about ordering some more. This is the make up lover side of me lol.

Eye Kandy Cosmetics

Eye Kandy Cosmetics

  • Brushes (to apply the glitter)
  • Liquid Sugar (adhesive for the glitter)
  • Bananarama (gold)
  • Confetti (silver)
  • Sour Grape (purple)

This is a similar product as above but I needed to try these out as well. You can get them at Sephora but the glitter that you can get is very limited at the moment. This one is by Lit Cosmetics.

Lit Cosmetics

Top to Bottom; Left To Right:
  • Glitter Duster (used to remove glitter that may happen to fall on your face while applying)
  • Forever Wear Glitter Base (specifically made for the lips and body)
  • Moon Delight (lilac glitter)
  • Lover Boy (blue; sapphire glitter)
  • Material Girl (purple glitter)
  • Clearly Liquid Glitter Base (for eyes)
  • Fire Cracker (red glitter; wore this over a red lipstick LOVE!)
  • Disco Diva (purple & blue mixed glitter)
  • Vegas (gold; holo glitter)

Makeup Eraser

This I have wanted for a while now. The Make Up Eraser works EXACTLY how they say it will. In some videos you see some of the girls rubbing their faces really hard (I'm not sure why) but my makeup came off easily and I was very gentle! 

Beauty Blender

The infamous Beauty Blender that you've more than likely seen all over and there are even imitations of this. I literally purchased it to see what the hype was all about and now I understand. This helps to make your makeup and foundation look ridiculously flawless! 

O.P.I.: Original Nail Envy

I'm not even going to explain this. You know what this is. The Original Nail Envy was actually my first base coat and I kept on meaning to get another one and never got around to it! 

China Glaze Keepin' It Real, Hang-Ten Toes, Spontaneous, Are You Jelly?, Flip Flop Fantasy, Peonies & Park Ave, Isle See You Later

I can't even remember how much the China Glaze polishes were I just remember that they were cheap. So of course I gathered a few. I wish indie polishes could be at IMATS. That would be something! 

Left to right:
  • Keepin' It Real
  • Hang-Ten Toes
  • Spontaneous 
  • Are You Jelly?
  • Flip Flop Fantasy
  • Peonies & Park Ave
  • Isle See You Later

Color Club Starry Temptress Collection

This is the Starry Temptress collection by Color Club that I had my eye on for a while. Even before I started blogging. So when I saw it I knew I had to pick it up along with a few other Color Club polishes as well! 

Color Club Starry Temptress Collection

Top to Bottom; Left to Right:
  • Temptress Topcoat
  • Otherwordly 
  • Glitter Envy
  • You Got Soul-ar
  • Wink, Wink, Twinkle
  • Ultra- Astral
  • Space Case

Color Club Diggin' The Dancing Queen, Poptastic, Where's The Soiree, Jackie OH!, Peace, Love, & Polish, Bell Bottom Babe, Mrs. Robinson, Call Of The Disco Ball, Disco Dress

These are the rest of the Color Club polishes that I picked up! I personally like the new look better.
Top to Bottom; Left to Right:
  • Diggin' The Dancing Queen
  • Poptastic
  • Where's The Soiree
  • Jackie OH!
  • Peace, Love, & Polish
  • Bell Bottom Babe
  • Mrs. Robinson
  • Call Of The Disco Ball
  • Disco Dress

Smooth Sailing, Over The Edge, Turquoise & Caicos, Carnival, All Access Pass, Where's My Chauffeur?, E-Nuff Is E-Nuff, Serial Shopper, Butler Please. Summit Of Style, Velvet Voyage

Essie polishes were some of the first mainstream polishes that were introduced to me as a child by my mother. So this brand tends to bring back memories of her letting me paint her toes and what not. I won't be surprised if some of these go "missing" before I even get to try them lol.

Top to Bottom; Left to Right:
  • Smooth Sailing
  • Over The Edge
  • Turquoise & Caicos
  • Carnival
  • All Access Pass
  • Where's My Chauffeur?
  • E-Nuff Is E-Nuff
  • Serial Shopper
  • Butler Please
  • Summit Of Style
  • Velvet Voyage

O.P.I. Alpine Snow, Primarily Yellow, Silver Canvas, OPI INK!, Rose Of Light, Hey Baby, In True Stephanie Fashion, Purple With A Purpose

And last but not least another brand that I share fond memories of my mom with is O.P.I. I was actually a bit disappointed that I could only find two colors from their color paints collection there but I guess I'll just have to get the other ones some where else! 
  • Alpine Snow
  • Primarily Yellow
  • Silver Canvas
  • OPI INK!
  • Rose Of Light
  • Hey Baby
  • In True Stephanie Fashion
  • Purple With A Purpose

Well that's it for my IMATS 2015 Haul.  Did you get to go to IMATS this year? Is there anything that you like from this post? Will you be attending IMATS next year? Let's chat down below! 

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  1. What an amazing haul! I seriously got more and more excited as the page went down :D I have no idea how you would decide what to play with first! xx

  2. I would LOVE to go to IMATs, I'll have to look into it. Never been. You picked up a ton of awesome polishes. I love your Color Club picks!!! you're gonna love them :)

  3. If you ever get a chance to go you really need too! So much fun and be prepared for lots of walking and you can sit and listen to guest speakers from the industry. So much fun and so much to learn! I honestly just couldn't resist the polishes. I'm hoping that some day indie polishes make their way to IMATS lol. I can't wait to try the color club polishes! Thanks Paola!

  4. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed sharing it! :D! I don't even know where to start lol.

  5. Stephanie LovestruckLacquerOctober 19, 2015 11:43 AM

    Great haul! Nail envy is the best! Can't believe you never got another bottle until now!

  6. Thanks Stephanie! Yah I know. I don't know what I was waiting for lol!


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