HPB Presents: Halloween Tutorial

Hey Polishers!,

How are you? I'm feeling a lot better now. I had a horrible migraine today and I couldn't do anything but lay down in the dark.  Today I'm back with a tutorial for you all! I know I know I'm trying to make the tutorials consistent just bare with me. Lol. All the products and or polishes that were used can be found here. I hope you enjoy this! 

Step-By-Step Instructions:
  1. Apply base coat
  2. Once base coat has dried apply your base color and allow to dry thoroughly (fast drying top coat can be used to assist with this)
  3. Place latex barriertapeliquid palisade (what you have available) on and around your cuticles to help with clean up
  4. Taking two colors of your choice apply them horizontally on a cosmetic wedge as you see above
  5. Dab sponge onto nail
  6. Repeat steps 4-5 until you have achieved your desired opacity 
  7. Remove latex barriertapeliquid palisade (which ever you used)
  8. Clean up any excess polish that may be on or around the cuticles with a brush lightly dipped in pure acetone
  9. Apply fast drying top coat 
  1. Paint polish on to desired stamping plate image as shown above
  2. Using an old card (can be any type of card) quickly spread polish across image
  3. Quickly pick up image using stamper
  4. Apply image onto nail using a rolling motion
  5. Clean up any excess of the image using a brush lightly dipped in pure acetone
  6. Apply your fast drying top coat

I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial! Do you like doing or watching tutorials? Let's chat below! 

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