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Happy Friday!,
How are you? Are you excited for the weekend? I was recently tagged by Paola from Nail Polish Pursuit to take part in this All About Nail Polish Tag. These are a fun way to get to know your fellow bloggers and youtubers as well! Hope you enjoy mine! 

Tag Questions:

1. What is your favorite nail polish finish? 
Essie Chocolate Kisses, Daily Hues Nail Lacquer Limited Edition #15, L'Oreal Hella Pink, Madam Glam Your Majesty It's Time To Indigogo

Mine without a doubt would have to be creme. I have found love for a lot of the other finishes that are out there especially the ones done by indie polish makers but a creme polish wins my heart all the time!

2. What is your favorite "pretty ugly" shade?
O.P.I. Get In The Expresso Lane

I would have to say Get In The Expresso Lane by O.P.I. I really didn't like this polish at first. I mean I really disliked it and thought about giving it away. But it has slowly grown on me an I'm glad that I didn't.

3. Which polish in your collection is most sentimental to you?
Daily Hues Nail Lacquer Limited Edition #6

The polish in my collection that's most sentimental to me would be Daily Hues Nail Lacquer Limited Edition #6. This was the first indie polish that I had ever bought and is what has started my not so secret love for indie polishes as well! lol.

4. If you could go back in time and buy any collection, which would it be?
The original Color Club Halo Hues. I remember before I really got into nail polish and nail art seeing that collection and falling head over heels for it. But then I never got any of them. Not even one! Maybe one day.

5. What's your go to "all-occasion" polish?
O.P.I. Vant To Bite My Neck

Vant To Bite My Neck by O.P.I. I don't know why but this is just one of those polishes that I know I can pull off all year round. Some people wouldn't choose this one because it may be to vampy but I love it. 

6.What items are essential to your nail care routine?
Essie Grow Stronger, Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover, Bliss Kiss Cuticle Oil, Bliss Kiss Glass Nail File

Cuticle oil, glass fine, nail strengthener, and a cuticle remover.

7. What is your favorite "newly discovered" brand (indie or mainstream)?
Illyrian Polish Falling Dogwoods, Polished For Days As The Leaves Turn

I can't choose one so I'm going to choose two. They are Polished For Days  and Illyrian Polish. This actually started because I was just browsing through instagram and stumbled upon the For The Love Of Polish Box page and it intrigued me because there were brands that I've never tried before. So I took a leap and ordered my first box because they were limited edition polishes which meant that only so many were being made. Let's just say I always try to make sure that I get my hands on one of those boxes!

8. What is your go to "bad-ass" color (the color that makes you feel sexiest or most bad ass)?
Nicole By O.P.I. Keep It Real

Right now it would have to be Keep It Real by Nicole By O.P.I. I don't know why but there's something about this red polish that just keeps drawing me to it.

9. Indie or Mainstream?
Daily Hues Nail Lacquer Limited Edition #15 & #16

Both! But right now it seems like I'm going to be starting to get my hands on more indie polishes than mainstream. I find that I have a lot of mainstream polishes but there are SO many indie brands that I haven't tried, that I would like to try. Indie makes make some awesome polishes! So far I haven't been disappointed.

10. Which brand's collection do you look forward to the most?

Essie, China Glaze, Color Club Polished For Days, ILNP, KBShimmer, Daily Hues Nail Lacquer.

If you've made it this far then you're awesome! I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about me. Now I tag:

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  1. Really loved this post! Nice to know you a bit better

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    Such a fun post! Thank you!

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    This is such a fun tag! I'll try to get mine up too. It was fun reading!

  11. Love your answers :) Right now, seriously, don't even think about it, go and order a polish from the original Color Club Halo Hues. You will not regret it. I did it and I am IN LOVE! They are fantastic!!! You can get them on Head2Toe Beautyk, 8ty8 Beauty or HB Beauty Bar where I got mine. Hope you get one soon :)

  12. Thanks girl! :). I'm going to have to try and get my hands on one soon. Thanks for letting me know where I can get them from! :D

  13. It really is Karen! Can't wait to see yours! Thanks!

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    Also...I'm shocked that you don't have a single Halo Hues. FIX THAT!

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