Zoya Melanie

Hey Beautiful People,

How is everyone doing? I'm doing okay. Just trying to combat this oh so lovely cold that I've got going on. Right now I sound like a man. I'm not even going to lie about it LOL. I wanted to share this polish from Zoya that I purchased during their New Year New Hue sale that they had going on in January. I really like that all of their polishes are named after female names. I wonder if they have one in my name. I haven't looked.  Meet Zoya Melanie

Zoya "Melanie" Swatch

Zoya "Melanie"

Melanie is a soft peachy-pink creme polish that has a pearl shine to it. The formula was smooth but unfortunately the polish is thin. Melanie does spread nicely and dries fast but it didn't build or self level how I would expect a Zoya polish to at all. I'm actually sad about this polish. It's so pretty in the bottle. Show in the photos are three thin coats with a top coat.

Zoya "Melanie" Swatch

Do you own Zoya Melanie? If not what are you thoughts about this polish? Ever had a polish that looked lovely in the bottle but then made you sad once you applied it? Let's talk polish in the comments below!

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  1. This color looks really good on you!

  2. Beautiful colour, it looks lovely on your nails! xx

    1. Thank you! Everyone seems to like it on my nails but I didn't too much fancy it LOL


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