Stamping & O.P.I. Sheer Tints Tutorial

Hey Lovely People!,
Here we are again Friday already! I'm glad to know that I'm  not they only ones that feels as if the time is just soaring by and leaving me behind lol.  Okay so remember yesterday how I mentioned that I may be getting sick? Well yeah I can feel the cold coming on ;( Maybe if mother nature would make up her mind about the weather over here in Toronto I wouldn't be sick!
Okay enough about me, Here's the tutorial for my first ever attempt at the Lead Lighting Technique which you can find here. All polishes and products used can be found at that link as well. Enjoy!
Step-By-Step Instructions:
  1. Apply your base coat
  2. Polish on a white base and allow to dry thoroughly (fast drying top coat can be used to assist with this)
  3. Use Simply Peel Latex Barrier (or whatever latex barrier you have) to help with clean up 
  4. Apply stamping polish over any stamping plate of your choice
  5. Scrape of excess polish as shown above
  6. Quickly pick up image using a stamper
  7. Apply image onto nail as shown above
  8. Choosing any four (or you can use more) colors from O.P.I. Sheer Tints, O.P.I. Color Paints, Essie Watercolors (whichever) apply polishes randomly on nail as done above
  9. Remove latex barrier from around nail
  10. Apply fast drying top coat and voila!
I hope you liked this tutorial. See you next time!
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