Somewhat Canada Day Tutorial

Happy Canada's Day!,
Is anyone going to watch the fireworks tonight? I'm not sure if I'm going. Every time I take my daughter she cries and I always feel bad. But after they're finished she tells me that she had fun :S. LOL. So we'll see. Anyways here's the tutorial for the Somewhat  Canada Day nails that I did.. All of the polishes and products that I used can be found here. The tutorial is pretty straight forward. Hope you enjoy!

Step-By-Step Instructions:
    1. Apply base coat and allow to dry
    2. Polish on base color of your choice and allow to dry thoroughly (fast drying top coat may be used to assist with this)
    3. Once base is completely dry, apply striping tape, nail vinyls which ever vertically on an angle across nail as shown above
    4. Apply two more pieces of striping tape or nail vinyls on nail as shown above
    5. Using your second color of choice apply polish over striping tape or nail vinyls
    6. While polish is still wet quickly remove striping tape or nail vinyls
    7. Using a brush gently dipped in pure acetone clean up any excess polish from around or on the cuticles
    8. Apply fast drying top coat and your done!
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