Essie Power Clutch

Hey Beautiful People!,

The week is over seeing as it's Friday already! Is it just me or does it feel like it is moving by very quickly? August is literally one day away! :| 

On a more annoying note I had to go back to the nub club today seeing as I broke two of my nails making sure my daughter didn't get hit by an inconsiderate driver that was speeding through the parking lot by her daycare! 

So over the next few days you will be seeing some posts that I have in the archives with my nails when they were long:( and some when they are nubs! Anyways! Today I will be sharing an oldie but goody with you.Essie Power Clutch.  See more down below! 

Essie Power Clutch

Power Clutch
Essie Power Clutch

Power Clutch is a murky looking greenish-grey creme polish. This polish is from the Fall 2011 Collection and is one of my lucky Dollarama finds. The first coat was very sheer but it did build nicely. Also you want to make sure that you don't over load your brush with polish because it did flood my cuticles a little. Power Clutch did dry fast which helped to make applying the coats a lot easier. To be honest I'm not too sure how I feel about this color against my skin tone! It definitely is a perfect color for the fall and winter months! Shown is three thin coats with a top coat.

Essie Power Clutch

What do you think about Power Clutch? Do you own this polish? Are there any polishes from the Fall 2011 Collection that you would recommend that I try and purchase? Are you part of the nub club? I hate short nails on myself because I feel like my fingers look short, fat and stubby! LOL. I wasn't blessed with fast growing nails so let's see how long the take to get some sort of length! Let's chat Essie & Nubs down below!

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  1. Power Clutch is one of my FAVE essie's ever!!!!! I'm a sucker for grays and this one is no exception :) It looks amazing on you!

    1. I'm always on the fence when it comes to greys. Now that I keep looking at the photos I think that I'm actually starting to like it on me! Lol.


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