Essie Metallic Green

Happy Monday!,

How was everyone's weekend? Mine was good. I went to the zoo yesterday with my daughter. She had a blast! We have to go back earlier next time so we can see all the animals. We were both pooped by the time we got in.

Today I have this Essie polish that has been sitting in my untried stash for only God knows how long lol. Unfortunately I don't know the name of this one because when I purchased it from Dollarama it didn't have a name on it.

Essie Metallic Green Swatch

Metallic Green 
Essie Metallic Green Swatch

This unknown name polish by Essie is a metallic forest green creme. The formula was very smooth, with good coverage, and I was surprised that it wasn't as brush strokey as I was expecting it to be. I really liked this color a lot more than I thought I was going too. This is almost a one coater as well. For the photos I used two thin coats with a top coat.

Essie Metallic Green Swatch

What do you think about this polish? Do you happen to know the name of it? Would you wear a color like this? Let's chat in the comments below! 

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  1. I just came across this post while i was trying to find out the name of this same polish. Mine didn't have a name either and i found out why, its Essie crocadilly; It's Metalic and it's supposed to come with a magnetic cap. And you might have figured that out already but just incase.

  2. Thanks so much! I actually still didn't know the name of it!


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