Sloteazzy Inspired Tutorial

Hey Lovelies!,

Okay so I've been meaning to have this tutorial posted for sometimes now, but I kind of forgot about it. Oops! It's here now and that's all that matters! This is the tutorial for the Sloteazzy Inspired Nails that I shared with you a few posts back. Any polishes and products that were used to create this look can be found here. Enjoy!!

Step-By-Step Instructions:
  1. Apply base coat
  2. Polish on base color of your choice and allow to dry thoroughly (fast drying top coat may be used to assist with this)
  3. Once base is dry place super skinny straights nail vinyls vertically on nail as shown above to create a triangle shape
  4. Using more super skinny straights nail vinyls place them horizontally across nail as shown above
  5. Taking the second color of your choice apply polish down the center of the nail ensuring to cover the horizontally place nail vinyls
  6. While polish is still wet, quickly remove nail vinyls
  7. Apply fast drying top coat and that's it! 

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