Sinful Colors Courtney Orange

Hey Polishers!,

How are you doing today? I hope that the weather is treating you better than it is over here in Toronto. It's a gloomy day that's supposed to be filled with rain but not only that, it literally feels like fall! I had to turn on the heat this morning. :| Will we ever get summer!!!??? 

*Sigh* Any who I have this lovely polish from Sinful Colors to share with you. I remember when I started really getting into nails and I saw this brand. I wanted to try it but thought that it was only sold in the States. Luckily I went into a Rexall and found out that this is where I could purchase this brand!  Let's take a look!

Sinful Colors "Courtney Orange" Swatch
Courtney Orange  is a reddish-orange creme polish that has a very subtle shimmer to it. The formula is smooth with good coverage. The first coat was sheer and I thought this was going to be one of those polishes that were going to be a little bit finicky but it did build nicely. This is such a lovely color it kind of reminds me of that reddish-orange hue that you see in fire. You could probably even use this color for some Halloween nail art. Shown in the photos is three thin coats  with a top coat.

Sinful Colors "Courtney Orange" Swatch

I have a few polishes in my collection from Sinful Colors but I shall be adding more. Do you own any polish from Sinful Colors? Any suggestions on ones that I should try? Let's talk sinful colors below!


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