O.P.I. Angel With A Lead Foot

Hey Beautiful People,

I can't believe that we're almost through June already. I almost can't believe that we're pretty much part way through the year already. Didn't the year just start?

Today I have Angel With A Lead Foot by O.P.I. to share with you. This polish is part of the Mustang Collection. It's such a pretty white isn't it?

I was able to pick this one up plus a few other from this collection from my local dollarama some time back and I had picked up a few from IMATS last year. So now I have the entire collection lol.

O.P.I. Mustang Collection "Angel With A Lead Foot" Swatch

O.P.I. Mustang Collection "Angel With A Lead Foot"

Angel With A Lead Foot is a white creme polish. This polish wasn't what I was expecting especially being an O.P.I. polish. The formula was watery and I had to be extra careful not to flood my cuticles. The first coat was streaky but levelled nicely. Another plus is that it did have good coverage and dried fast. Shown in the photos is three thin coats with a top coat.

O.P.I. Mustang Collection "Angel With A Lead Foot" Swatch

I am a little bit disappointed with this one. At least I have another white polish to use as a base for nail art AND it photographed well. 

Do you own the Mustang Collection? Do you have any favorites from that collection? Let's chat!


  1. White is a great base color . It looks nice sorry for it's watery part but you applied it nicely

    1. That is very true. I'll just be using it as a base for nail art. Thank you:)

  2. 3 coats ?it is too much .. i use to put only 2 coats, and if it is not good, that polish go to bin ...
    but very nice look.


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