No Name Essie Polish

Hello Readers,

How goes it? Today I'll be sharing with you an Essie polish that has been sitting in my helmer from last winter I believe and has not once been used lol. I really wish I knew the name of this polish. Unfortunately this was one of the polishes that were purchased from my local dollarama that just didn't have a name on it.

This Essie polish is a smooth metallic brown/copper color. The polish had good coverage, built nicely & dried really fast! Also it was almost a one coater! It did unfortunately have a lot of brush strokes which somewhat evened out once top coat was applied. I don't personally like how this color looks on myself. To me against my complexion it's just not working. It's not a color that I would probably reach for off the bat. I wonder how it would work for stamping...Shown below is to thin coats with a top coat.



I was really excited when I first picked up this polish and excited to try it on. Unfortunately it was a let down for me. If anyone does happen to know the name of this polish please let me know! How do you like  this polish? Is this a color that you would reach for? Let's chat!


Thank you for commenting! I will always try my best to respond