Lily Anna 08 Stamping

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How is everyone doing today? I'm doing a little bit better after yesterday. It's a process right? Today I have some more stamping nail art to share with you. YAY! Lol. I love that I've found a new place for stamping. I've manged to collect quite a few of the large rectangle plates pretty fast. I'm now on the hunt for fully covered rectangle stamping nail plates. Okay enough talking onto the nails! Fir the base of this stamping nail art I used Nicole By O.P.I What's The Mitch-Uation? which can be found here.

Mundo De Unas Stamping Polish "Gold"
Mundo De Unas Gold Stamping Polish
Honestly I'm not even sure what to call this stamping image design or what it's called for a matter of fact. All I know is that I like how funky and cool these lines look. I especially like the gold stamping over the dark blue.
Lily Anna 08 Stamping Using Mundo De Unas Gold Stamping Polish

Here's a close up of the design.

Lily Anna 08 Stamping Nail Art Using Mundo De Unas Gold Stamping Polish

Here's a picture of the stamping plate that I used. These designs are all so fun.
Lily Anna 08 Stamping Plate
Lily Anna 08 Stamping Plate
And here's a closer view of the image that I used

Lily Anna 08 Stamping Plate

Polishes Used:
Products Used:
I hope that you all liked this design. What do you think of the stamping plates? How many stamping 
plates do you own? Let's chat below!


  1. stunning look with such a long nails ! probably you have to stamp twice time , because pattern is short for your nails *;)

    1. Thank you! I do have to stamp twice but I don't mind :)


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