Easter/Spring Watermarble Using Beyond The Nail Spring Collection Tutorial

Hey everyone! Hope your day is going or went well. It's raining over here in Toronto.  Makes me really want to sleep actually. Here is the video tutorial for the Easter/Spring Watermarble design that I did. I know some of you absolutely hate watermarble while other like. I'm one or the few ones that do like it and I hope you all enjoy the tutorial.

Step - By - Step Instructions:
  1. Start by applying a base coat to your nails
  2. Once base coat is dry apply white nail polish as you base color (you can use the lightest color of the colors that you will be marbling with, but I prefer white because it helps the colors to pop)
  3. Allow nails to dry thoroughly or use a dry fast top coat to assist with this
  4. Apply Elmer's Glue, Glitter Off by O.P.I. Liquid Palisade, Tape etc (whatever you may have available) around the cuticle of your nail to help with an easier and faster clean up. Here I'm using Bliss Kiss Simply Peel Latex Barrier.
  5. Start adding drops of polish(you have to move quickly if not polish will dry) into the bowl of water (water should be room temperature if not the polish will dry faster than you would like) the order that you desire (newer nail polish is easier to watermarble with; if not just add some nail polish thinner to assist with this)
  6. Start creating a design with a toothpick, needle, dotting tool etc. (again whatever you have available) but start the design from about the 4-5 inner ring. If you start directly from the most outer ring the design will pull because that that ring would have dried already 
  7. Once you have the desired design dip finger in the water 
  8. While finger is still in the water start to gently blow on the water (helps excess polish to dry quickly) while using a cotton swab, tooth pick, dotting tool etc. to clean up excess polish around the nail
  9. Slowly bring finger out of water
  10. Using tweezers, a toothpick, your finger (whatever! lol) remove product that you have around you finger
  11. Using a brush (I purchased mine from @joliepolish on instagram. The link to her store is in her profile) dipped in pure acetone (helps to make the clean up process faster), clean up around your cuticles.
  12. Apply dry fast top coat & then your finished!

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