Orly Nail Rescue

Hey everyone,

How have you guys been? I've been okay, just busy with exams. Which is why I haven't posted much of anything this week. But they're finished now and I just have to wait for my marks :|. Ha ha. Also I think I'm coming down with a cold....who gets sick when the weather is now starting to get nice. ONLY ME!

Anyways, recently one of my nails on my right hand (not the hand that I swatch with) decided that it was going to get disrespectful and start to break while I was trying to prevent my daughter from falling face first on the ground. It was so painful and it tore so deep that even if I wanted too I could just break it off or clip it.

Here's what it looked like.

(sorry pictures were taken with my phone)

So I bandaged my nail (literally) to prevent it from breaking anymore and was trying to figure out a way to temporarily fix it. I've tried the teabag method a while back but it just didn't work out for me. After doing some searches on google I came across Orly Nail Rescue. After reading a few reviews I figured that I might as well give it a try because with my luck if I waited too long to fix it, the nail would snag and pull and it just wouldn't be fun!

The Kit comes with three simple tools.
  • Nail Glue
  • Nail Repair Powder
  • Buffer
Orly Nail Rescue

So I must say that I thought that Orly Nail Rescue was going to be a little bit difficult to use but it actually was VERY easy. Here are the steps:

Step One:

  • After you have removed all the polish (if there was any) apply the nail glue (it's a brush) on the nail that needs to be repaired. I just ended up putting the glue where my nail had started to break as well as the entire tip of my nail because I had realised that the nail was starting to break on the left side as well as the right! (How I managed to accomplish this I don't know!!!)
Orly Nail Rescue Brush On Glue

Step Two:
  • While your nail is still wet dip the entire nail into the powder and you'll want to make sure that the nail has been covered evenly. You can gently dust off any excess powder. 
Orly Nail Rescue Nail Powder

Orly Nail Rescue Nail Powder
I got a little bit excited and forgot to take a picture while my nail was in the powder but you all pretty much get the point. 

Step Three:
  • Buff you're nail to even out the surface. It's a double sided buffer. 
You don't have to use this one that comes in the kit. You can use your own. In some of the reviews that I read people were having trouble using this buffer, but it worked fine for me. Also excuse my thumb. I also broke this one the week before and just couldn't save it!
Orly Nail Rescue Buffer

Orly Nail Rescue Buffer

Once you've finished those steps you can apply your base coat do your nails as normal. This is what the nail looked like once I did all that buffing and applied my base coat.

Not sure why I have those little bubbles that formed. Maybe I needed to buff a little bit more. But I was able to save my nail until it grows out at least! Yay me!! The nail feels just as strong as the rest of my nails. So I'm happy. Here's what the nail looks like with polish on.

Mix & Match Chevron & Dots

I would definitely recommend this as something that everyone should have in their nail kit. The products are the perfect size to travel with and the steps are easy and quick. They do recommend that when you are removing nail polish that you use a non-acetone polish remover because then it won't remove the glue and the powder.

Have you ever used this product? How did it work out for you?

*Product was purchased by me for my own personal review*


  1. This is so neat!
    I'm a way too OCD, if a nail breaks, I file them ALL FUCKERS DOWN.

  2. Isn't it. I figured why not give it a try. LOL.

  3. Just bought and used this on my broken nail today, thanks to your post! This is so much better (and less smelly) than DIY acrylic nails to patch. It is fixed nicely now :)

  4. Awesome and you're welcome!! I know. Some people will trim ALL their nails down but I'm that person that's like the show must go on with or without you nail! Especially after I was able to get them to the length that I want.

  5. I'm so with you, heck no on chopping off my length, I worked hard to grow those babies! Only if I break a bunch of nails around the same time then I will chop but I try to avoid at all costs. Plus I'm so used to the length that my fingers look weird without it lol

  6. Exactly! It like breaks my heart to cut them down lol. And when I was able to get them this length and keep them I was bouncing of walls. Some people just don't understand lol

  7. ooo :( it happened to me several time.. it's hurt too much ! i do every single job with my hands , and i found the way :) i use tea bag but i mux with super glue for nail.it is packed like nail polish, so i am able to put 2 or 3 coats and 2 tea bag layer
    now you can see, middle nail , broke on a nerv line, but i didnt cut them all.they are too short , and i can do it to myself :))))

    1. I hate when this happens. Oooo I've never tried this method with super glue before.


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