Easter/Spring Watermarble Using Beyond The Nail Spring Collection

Hello there my polished friends!,

How is everyone doing? How was your Easter? I'm alright and my Easter was a lot of fun. I spent time with family and my daughter did her very first Easter egg hunt! She had a lot of fun and gets to do another one at daycare on Monday (yes the daycares over in Toronto are open on Easter Monday and so are the colleges and universities). Seeing her do the hunt reminded me of the when I used to do Easter egg hunts!

Anyways on to the nail art! Today what I have in store for everyone is a Easter/Spring watermarble design! Which I haven't done in which feels like forever. To achieve this design I used the Spring Collection from an indie polish brand made right here in Toronto called Beyond The Nail (@beyondthenail on instagram.) Swatches and review can be found here.

Watermarble Using Beyond The Nail Spring 2015 Collection

Easter/Spring Watermarble with Beyond The Nail Spring 2015 CollectionEaster/Spring Water Marble Using Beyond The Nail Spring 2015 Collection

I'm really loving how this turned out with these colors!

Easter/Spring Watermarble Using Beyond The Nail Spring 2015 Collection

Watermarble Using Beyond The Nail Spring 2015 Collection

Polishes Used:

  • Duri: Rejuvacote (base coat)
  • Nina Ultra Pro: French White (white; base color)
  • Beyond The Nail: Spring Blue( blue)
  • Beyond The Nail: Spring Yellow (yellow)
  • Beyond The Nail: Spring Red (red)
  • Beyond The Nail: Spring Orange (orange)
  • Beyond The Nail: Spring Green (green)
  • Beyond The Nail: Spring Pink (pink)
  • Beyond The Nail: Spring Purple (purple)
  • Glisten & Glow: H K Girl Dry Fast Top Coat
Products Used:

This is Bliss Kiss Simply Peel Latex Barrier  that I used to help with clean up around the nail. It was applied around the cuticles as well as on the finger. Let me just say this stuff is AMAZING! It reminds me of peeling of Elmer glue in school. Bliss Kiss Simply Peel now comes in a 2 oz refill size. Guess who will without a doubt be ordering that size ones her bottle runs out! This can also be used as a peel off base coat. That's what I recently used to do my swatches for the Beyond The Nail Spring Collection. And can you see that? There's glitter in it! So once the latex is dry all you will see GLITTAAAHHHHHH!! This helps to make it easier to see where the latex is so you can peel it off.

What do you guys think of the design? I love how the colors combined came out together!

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