Leopard Print Mix & Match

Hello Darlings!,

How have you been? How was your weekend? I hope everyone had a wonderful week and weekend. My week has been a little stressful but that's why I love doing my nails and nail art. Just gives me a chance to escape and go into my own world.
I have some cute mix and match nail art for everyone today! I'm really loving how these turned out. COME ON SPRING!!!

As you can tell I'm leaning towards brighter colors for this manicure. I'm so over the dreary and tiring winter weather that Toronto has been having. But I guess I can't complain seeing as the weather seems to be improving right?

Okay! Enough of me complaining. Onto some nail art!

Leopard Print Mix & Match with Bow and Silver Accent Nail

Leopard Print with Bow & Accent Silver Glitter Nail

Leopard Print with Bow & Accent Silver Glitter Nail

Pink & Lilac Leopard Print Nail Art

Pink Nail Polish with Black Bow

Silver Glitter Accent Nail

Polishes Used:

  • Duri: Rejuvocate (base coat)
  • Sinful Colors: Cream Pink (pink; when applied it actually dries matte. So it's up to you if you wish to use a top coat or not)
  • Sinful Colors: Savage (teal; this is another one that dries matte as well)
  • Sinful Colors: Purple Diamond (lilac)
  • Color Club: Silver Glitter (silver)
  • Glisten & Glow: H K Girl Dry Fast Top Coat

Products Used:

  • Dotting tool to create the leopard print design which can be purchased off of amazon.ca
  • Bows which can be purchased off of amazon.ca as well

What do you guys think of this design?


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