Leopard Print Mix & Match Tutorial

Hey again my Darlings!

You know that mix and match leopard print manicure I recently posted. Well here's the tutorial for it! All of the polishes and products that were used can be found right here.

Step-By-Step Tutorial:
Leopard Print

  1. Apply base coat of your choice
  2. Apply the base colour of your choosing and allow it to dry thoroughly 
  3. Apply dry fast top coat and allow to dry
  4. Using your dotting tool and your leopard print colours of choice place some dots randomly as done above
  5. Using the smaller end of your dotting tool or just a smaller sized dotting tool in general (can also be done using a toothpick), create c's around the dots that were previously made using black 
  6. Add some smaller dots in between the larger dots that are currently there
  7. Clean up any excess polish from around your cuticles using a brush lightly dipped in pure acetone
  8. Apply dry fast top coat and allow to dry
  9. Apply your fast drying top coat and you're all finished!
Accent Nail With Bow

  1. Apply base coat of your choice
  2. Apply your second base color of your choosing
  3. Clean up any excess polish that you may have around your cuticles using a brush gently dipped in pure acetone 
  4. Apply fast dry top coat 
  5. While the polish is still wet you apply the bow anywhere and in any direction that you wish (usually I would have used nail glue for the bow so that it would stay on longer, but I didn't realize that I didn't have anymore until I went to use it. Embarrassing!)
  6. Apply some more of that wonderful dry fast top coat around the bow as shown above just to help it stay in place some more
  7. Allow to fully dry and then you're all finished!


  1. I have yet to try leopard print on my nails, but have been dying to do it for so long! Thanks so much for posting this tutorial, so now I can practice :)

    1. Honestly that's how I felt when I first thought about doing this design. But once I tried it and got the hang of it I loved it!! You're welcome!


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