Back To School Teddy Bear

I know usually when people think about back to school, they usually think about apples, grades, books, letters, pencils, and things of the sort. But this year when I was going back to school I for some odd reason thought of a bear and polka dots. So that's what I ended up doing on my nails.

Now for those of you that may be wondering why my nails/fingers look so "shiny" that is my FAVORITE nail & cuticle oil that I was introduced to when I really got into nails. You can visit @simplenailarttips(on instagram). She also a link in here bio that will take you to her website with all here products as well as some awesome information about nail care; NailCare

The design was also inspired by the very talented @ohmygoshpolish(on instagram).

Polishes Used:

  • Chi: Ceramic Ridge Filler(base; not in photo)
  • Nina Ultra Pro: Plum Of The Earth(purple)
  • Nina Ultra Pro: French White(white)
  • Orly: Liquid Vinyl(black)
  • Glisten & Glow: H K Girl Fast Dry Top Coat

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