Lady Queen Multi Colored Nail Art Rhinestones Review + Nail Art

It's Friday!,

Are you excited for the weekend? I am. I could have absolutely nothing planned and still be excited for the weekend lol! Although tomorrow I actually do have plans. My friend is getting married and she's having a Jack & Jill. I've never been to one before so that should be fun! 

Anyway, today I have these fun Multi Colored Rhinestones which was provided to me by +Lady Queen Beauty to share with you. I love rhinestones, studs, gems, etc just because they're a great addiction to any mani. See more after the jump! 

Rhinestone Mani

Morgan Taylor Later Alligator Swatches & Review


Would you believe that I started to catch a cold the same day that I came back?! I've been trying to nip it in the butt from early before it got any worse and I feel a lot better than I was before. So let's hope that does it. Today I'll be sharing a new to me brand on the blog! Morgan Taylor. I've heard lots of good things about this brand so I was super excited to try this polish out. Let's jump right in! 

Morgan Taylor Later Aligator

Lady Queen Lace Series BC1 Stamping Plate Review

Hey Beautiful People,

How goes it? I'm doing alright can't complain. I have some more items that was sent to me from +Lady Queen Beauty to share with you. Today I'll be sharing another lovely stamping plate! I'm really loving how this mani turned out! Let's take a look.

Lace Stamping Nail Art

Watermarble Wednesdays: Orange & Green

Happy Hump Day!,

I hope that you had a fantastic day today! I ended up getting a lot done which makes me very happy. After being gone for a while a lot of my postings did get pushed back but I am still doing my Watermarble Wednesdays. This week I'm using two colors that randomly came into my head and now looking at them together would make a great combination for fall! Here we go!

Watermarble Wednesdays Orange & Green

Essie Smooth Sailing Swatches & Review!

Happy Wednesday!,

Yup we're here already! Can you believe it? I can't. I'm going to try and make today as productive as possible especially seeing as I don't have classes today. Yay me! Lol. Today I'll be sharing an oldie but a goodie with you. This is Essie Smooth Sailing. See more after the jump! 

Essie Smooth Sailing

Lady Queen JQ-L19 Stamping Plate Review

Hey Polishers!,

How was your day? Mine was long and tiring but thank goodness it's over now! I was recently sent some items from +Lady Queen Beauty to review and figured that I would start with one of the stamping plates that arrived. IMO you can never go wrong with some stamping nail art. Keep reading for more! 

Stamping Nail Art

L'Oreal Now You Sea Me Swatches & Review

Hey Loves!,

How are you? I'm alright first day back at school since I've been back home. Today is also my ridiculously long day of classes. So I hope it does move by quickly. I have Now You Sea Me by L'Oreal to share with you! See more after the jump!

L'Oreal Now You Sea Me

Color Club Age Of Aquarius Swatches & Review

Hey There!,

Well Monday is almost over already and I still can't believe that we're into the second week of June already as well. Half the year has flown by in the blink of an eye! This evening I've got a swatch of a gorgeous polish that just screams summer to me! I'll be sharing Age Of Aquarius by Color Club. Keep reading for more! 

Color Club Age Of Aquarius

Pineapple Nail Art

Happy Monday!,

It feels like forever since I've posted on a Monday! Lol. Well like I said I'm trying to get back into the groove of things after all that's happened this week so just bare with me! What better way to kick off a Monday than with some nail art right!?. Although I'm not completely pleased with how these turned out lets take a look anyway. 

Pineapple Nail Art

Bad Bitch Polish: Summer Playlist Collection Part 3


Hey Lovelies!,

How have you been? I've been okay. Feeling more like myself which is always good right? Well today I've got the remaining three polishes from the Summer Playlist Collection by Bad Bitch Polish. I've shown you the cremes, glitters, and now it's time for the holos!. Let's jump right in! 

Bad Bitch Polish Summer Playlist Collection