Watermarble Wednesdays: Lilac, Yellow & Orange + Tutorial

Happy Wednesday!,

How are you!? I'm okay now. I actually had this post ready to go from earlier but then one of my ugly migraines decided to show it's ugly head and I just couldn't function to do anything. I feel like it's been so long since I've done a Watermarble Wednesdays post just because you know life happens lol. But I'll still be doing them so need to worry :P. Today's watermable I'm not too ecstatic with but I still somewhat like it. Let's see how it turned out shall we! 

Watermarble Wednesdays: Lilac, Yellow & Orange

Girly Bits Crantini Swatches & Review

It's Wednesday!,

I can't believe that we're here again already! Half way through the week and pretty much at the end of the month! I'm actually pretty excited that August is over just because my birthday is next month lol! Today I'll be sharing another polish from Girly Bits that I've had but never got around to trying out until recently. I already have a list of other polishes that I want. See more after the jump!

Girly Bits Crantini

L'Oreal Crazy For Chic Swatches & Review

Hey Polishers!,

How are you? I'm alright just trying to get everything in order before school starts back for my daughter and myself. I'm almost finished and can't be more excited and proud of myself. Today I've got this very pretty polish from L'Oreal to share with you! See more after the jump!

L'Oreal Crazy For Chic

Baroness X Bodhi Tree June Mythical Mysteries Swatches & Review

Hey Lovelies!,

How are you doing? I'm alright. Can't complain just kind of waiting for this month to be over as it has been hurdle after hurdle after hurdle! Today I've got my first polish from Baroness X and my first polish from the *Mythical Mysteries* to share with you! I know it's the ending of August but I still wanted to share this beauty! See more after the jump! 

Baroness X Bohdi Tree

O.P.I Hey Baby Swatches & Review

Happy Monday!,

How goes it? Life came and threw a hurdles at me that I just didn't want to deal with but didn't have a choice but to deal with lately. It's been exhausting and draining but I'm still here! Hopefully I can get back on track with everything now. Today I'll be sharing this gorgeous pink polish by +OPI Products with you. Keep reading for more!

O.P.I Hey Baby

Girly Bits Bird Is The Word Swatches & Review

Hey Beautiful People!.

I hope the weather is treating you nice! It's not too hot today which is a nice change from the ridiculous heat waves we were having last week. I can't wait for today to end. I'm just tired and had a restless night last night. So I'm hoping tonight will be better. Anyways! Today I've got my first Girly Bits polish to share with you! Let's take a look shall we! 

Girly Bits Bird Is The Word

Blue Diamonds + Tutorial


Hey Lovelies!,

How are you doing? I'm alright can't complain. Just counting down the days until this semester is over and I get two weeks off before the next semester next month. Those are going to be the happiest two weeks of my life lol. I actually did this mani for a group challenge that I usually participate in but wasn't able to get it up and posted in enough time and decided that I should still share it. So here we are! Lol. See more after the jump! 

Blue Diamonds

L.A. Colors Morning Glory Swatches & Review

It's Monday!,

How was your weekend? Mine was alright can' t complain. Today's a long weekend for us Canadians so that's always a plus lol, but not everywhere considers it a long weekend and some places are still open which is another plus lol. This evening I'll be sharing a polish that I've had for some time now. See more after the jump! 

L.A. Colors Morning Glory

Leaf Nail Art + Tutorial


Happy Monday!,

How was your weekend? Mine was good. I spent some time with my best friend and we just hung out and a lot of fun! So it's August guys! Excited? I am. Only because next month is my birthday! Lol. Today I've got some not your typical leaf colors nail art but I really like how it all it came together. Keep reading for more!

Leaf Nail Art

July 2016 Monthly Mani Favourites

Hey Lovelies!,

I can't believe that it's that time again already! Today is the first day of August! I just can't lol. To start the month off I'll be sharing my round up of favourite manis from July. Below you'll be able to find links to each of the individual posts. 

July 2016 Monthly Mani Favourites
  1. WNAC Lime Green & Gold
  2. Maori Mana - Stamping Saturdays #16 
  3. Born Pretty Store Colorful Space Water Decals
  4. Watermarble Wednesdays: Bad Bitch Polish Summer Playlist Holos + Tutorial
  5. Blue Fish
  6. Yellow, Red & Blue Leopard Print + Tutorial
  7. Watermarble Wednesdays: Lilac & Pink + Tutorial

Which one of the manis that I choose is your favourite? Do you do a round up of your manis that you did for the month? Can you believe that August is here already? Leave a comment below and let me know!    

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