Color Club Feverish Swatches & Review

Hey Loves!,

How goes it? Honestly, I actually have a headache and I would really appreciate if it went away lol. Probably from dealing with customers for 7.5hrs 5 days a week on the phones lol. It's only Tuesday and I already can't wait for the weekend. Plus today is my little's ones first day back and I know that she is super excited to be back with all her friends! Today I'll be sharing another archived swatch post and I just absolutely love this colour!

Fiendish Fancies Polish PickUp January 2019 Weaver's Wrath Swatches & Review


Happy Monday!,

I hope that you had a fabulous weekend. I'm here getting ready for the upcoming holidays! In all honesty, I can't believe it's the last month of the year already! I feel like I was just literally planning my daughters birthday in July. Anyway, today I'll be sharing Fiendish Fancies contribution to this months Polish Pickup! What is The Polish Pick Up? It's a Facebook Group where makers create a polish/product which is based on the theme for the month. The polishes are available at the Polish Pick Up website on the first Friday of each month until the following Monday. Customers can then decide which polishes they want and pay a flat rate shipping cost of $3.00(US) or $5.00(CAD). The theme for this month is Mythology! Let's get started!

Essie Trombone Swatches & Review

Happy Friday!,

The last day of an already shortened work week! I know that I'm going to dread next week only because I'll have to be at work for the 5 days instead of the three that I did this week lol. Oh well. Today I'll be sharing another archived post that I never got around to share until now. Keep reading for more!

Girls Night Out

Hey There!,

Can you believe that the first week of the month and the year is just about over already? We haven't actually gotten any actual snow that stays. The few times it did snow it was light and was gone by the next day. Although it did snow last night and is still here but doesn't seem like that heavy snowfall that we usually get. I'm not complaining though! First nail art of the year is very simple and girly. Keep reading for more!

Sassy Pants Polish Mountain Stream Daydream Swatches & Review

Happy Hump Day,

I hope all is well with you. I'm alright back out to work now after the holidays. Although I wish I could just stay home lol. But unfortunately, I have to be an adult and all. Today I have another archived photo that never got edited to be shared until now! Let's take a look.

Zoya Kerry Swatches & Review

Hey Loves!,

It's officially the first day of the new year! Did you end up doing anything special to ring in the new year? I didn't really do much besides watch the countdown, as usual, lol but I don't really mind. I still have so many pictures of polish swatches & nail art that never got a chance to be shared so that's how I'll be starting off the new year for my blog lol. Sharing a polish swatch that only recently got edited. Let's get started!

Farewell 2018!

Happy New Years Eve!,

Is that even a thing or a saying? LOL. Oh well, I just made it one. Do you have any plans for tonight? Honestly, I don't really have much of anything going on. I think the older that I get the more I just want to be able to do something simple when it comes to New Year's Eve. Even if it means just means going and hanging out with some friends at their house or something. I know that people usually do a mani to ring in the new year (which I will either be doing later or sometime this week) but I figured that I might as well do one to say a big ol' farewell to 2018.  Keep reading for more!

AEngland Saint George Swatches & Review

Happy Monday!,

How was your weekend? Mine was good, especially seeing that I had a 3 day weekend. So believe me when I tell you that I was super grateful for that! Can you believe that today is the last day of the year?! I can and I can't at the same time. I'm glad completely over 2018 and I'm hoping and praying that next year will be better. Today I'll be sharing a swatch of this gorgeous polish by AEngland called Saint George. Here we go!

Essie Shake Your $$$ Maker Swatches & Review

Hey Loves!,

How goes it? Can you believe that Christmas is literally NEXT WEEK!?! I know that I can't believe it. Then once Christmas comes and goes the year is literally over and we all can start on a fresh page for the new year. I don't know about you but 2018 had its challenges for me and I'm ready to leave them all behind. Anywho today I'll be sharing a simple swatch! Here we go!

Clairestelle8 December 2018 Day 5 - Christmas Sweaters


Two posts in one day?! I know right. You know I only do this when I have some catching up to do lol. And seeing as catching up is my middle name at the moment I might as well do it as much as I can right? So this evening I'll be sharing the mani that I did for the Clairestelle8 Day 5 - Christmas Sweaters prompt. Let's see how these turned out!