Fiendish Fancies Blood Countess Polish Pickup November 2018 Swatches & Review

Hey Lovelies!,

How goes it?! I hope everything is going well. I'm still here trying to battle this cold. Can you believe that we've only got TWO more months in 2018?! I just can't believe how quick the time is going. Anyway, today I'll be sharing Fiendish Fancies contribution to this months Polish Pickup! What is The Polish Pick Up? It's a Facebook Group where makers create a polish/product which is based on the theme for the month. The polishes are available at the Polish Pick Up website on the first Friday of each month until the following Monday. Customers can then decide which polishes they want and pay a flat rate shipping cost of $3.00(US) or $5.00(CAD). The theme for this month is Bad-Ass Women! Let's get started!

Navy Blue & Black Chevrons + Tutorial

Happy Monday!,

I hope that all has been going well. I've been doing alright just busier lately than I thought I would be for whatever reason lol. Honestly guys sometimes even writing an intro for my blog posts can be tedious to me only because I don't always have something to say or talk about. Sometimes it feels like I'm forcing myself to talk about something lol. And to top everything off it seems like I am coming down with a cold AGAIN! Anywho today I have a rather simple look but I absolutely adore how they turned out!

Gradient With Double Stamping

Happy Wednesday!,

I know you're probably thinking still no Watermarble Wednesdays?! I know guys I'm hoping that I can get it edited and posted by later today if not FOR SURE it'll be ready for next week without a doubt lol. Life guys life. Well, today although not the post that I'm pretty sure neither of us was expecting I do have a mani to share with two techniques in one! Let's take a look!

Sunflower Nail Art

Hey Loves!,

Last night when I came in from work I was so tired that I just couldn't even function. I came in did the usual shower, eat and relax but before I knew I was sleeping. And I would keep waking up because I wasn't laying down properly. I knew I was going to be drained from when I woke up yesterday morning. But today I actually feel like I have the energy to do some stuff when I come home in the evenings. Anyway enough of my rambling! Let's take a look at the nail art I have to share today!

Fiendish Fancies 3rd Anniversary Happy Birthday To Me! Swatches & Review

Happy Monday!,

How was your weekend? Mine was good for the most part. Although I did have a headache the majority of Saturday which is pretty annoying. But other than that I can say that my weekend was enjoyable. Today I have this gorgeous polish that I actually didn't get a chance to share this summer. So I figured why not share it anyway! Keep reading for more!

Chevron & Bows

Happy Friday!,

How goes it? Are you excited for the weekend? I know I am because usually, I would work on Saturdays but because I'm doing training at work since I was off for a bit I don't have to go in tomorrow! So that means I can actually sleep in!! Lol. Today I'll be sharing this simple yet fun mani that I actually ended up liking more than I thought I would. Here we go!

O.P.I Miss Piggy's Big Number Swatches & Review


How goes it? I'm alright just a bit tired, to be honest. By the time most of you would be reading this I'll be at work doing some more training lol. At least I'll get to leave work earlier than usual. To get the week going I'll be sharing a swatch from my archives because I have so many beauties that didn't get a chance to make it onto my blog at the same time they were swatched. Keep on reading for more!

Blue & Pink Double Stamping + Tutorial

Happy Wednesday!,

I hope that you all had a week thus far! Mine has been okay. Just going through some training so that I can relearn the systems at work. So that means extra early mornings for me for the rest of the month pretty much lol. I was really hoping to have a Watermarble Wednesdays to share with you this week but unfortunately, time just hasn't been on my side. But I do have this really lovely double stamping nail art that I'm extremely proud of to show you! Here we go!

Color Club Disco Dress Swatches & Review

Hi Lovelies!,

How goes it? I'm tired, to be honest. I was off work for a while and finally returned and everything has changed! So because of that, I have to do training for a month which starts today. But at least I get to finish earlier than 9PM for a month! Lol. Today I have this gorgeous purple polish by Color Club to show you! Let's get started!

Essie Find Me An Oasis Swatches & Review

Happy Monday!,

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend! Mine was good. There was lots of food involved especially seeing that today was Thanksgiving for us fellow Canadians! Lol. Today I have a simple Essie to share with you to get the week started! Keep reading for more!