Nicole Diary #17 Geometrical Pattern Water Decals

Hey There!,

The end of the month is almost here!! In all honesty I feel like I blinked and the majority of the year flew by lol. I still can't believe that it's almost time for fall to be here all over again. Weren't we just here? I've got some really fun water decals from Nicole Diary to share with you. Let's take a look! 

Nicole Diary #17 Geometrical Pattern Water Decals

Fiendish Fancies Powerful, Beautiful & Without Regret Swatches & Review

Hey Beautiful People!,

What have you been up too? I hope all is going well for you. I'm just enjoying the last few days with my little one before both of our timetables change. Today I've got a new to me indie brand to share with you! This polish unfortunately is no longer available as it was limited edition for the Canuck Box which is a box of all Canadian Indie polishes and products. I've actually had these polishes from the box for sometime now and I'm only now getting around to sharing one of them! Lol. See more after the jump! 

Fiendish Fancies Powerful, Beautiful & Without Regret

Color Club Mrs.Robinson Swatches & Review

Hey Lovelies!,

How are you? I'm alright just trying to make sure that I have everything together before next week. My litter one is starting SK and we're both pretty excited! I keep feeling like I'm missing something but I just don't know what it is. Oh well.  This evening I'll be sharing this very pretty polish by Color Club with you. See more after the jump!

Color Club Mrs.Robinson

Watermelon Nail Art + Tutorial

Happy Monday!,

How was your weekend? Mine was alright can't complain. It was productive. There's only a few more days left until September! Can you tell that I'm excited? What better way to end of the summer than some watermelon nail art (which is also one of my favourite fruits)?! I was pretty excited with how this turned out and to do them as well. Let's take a look! 

Watermelon Nail Art

Medium Purple & White - Stamping Saturdays #17

Hey Lovelies!,

Wow it has been FOREVER since I've done a Stamping Saturdays post. Life has just been throwing hurdles my way and I'm just trying to deal with them. Lol. Well to get me back in the ease of making my Stamping Saturdays posts (and I'm actually going to try to get them done) I decided to just do some simple stamping! Keep reading for more! 

Medium Purple & White

Essie Exotic Liras Swatches & Review

Happy Friday!,

It's just about time for the weekend! Any big plans? I don't really have any just doing some running around getting some last minute school things for my little one and she's got a movie date with Grandpa today so she's more excited for today than I am lol. This evening I've got a swatch to share! See more after the jump!

Essie Exotic Liras

Black Flower

Hey Beautiful People,

Are you excited for the weekend? I honestly am still really flabbergasted that September is pretty much next week! I just can believe it. I feel like I blinked and summer flew past me lol. Anyways I've got another stamping mani to share with you today! Lets get started!

Black Flower


Hey Polishers!,

The day is almost over and I actually can't wait for it to be time for me to get to bed. Why? Because insomnia figured that after I had a migraine that it meant that I had to be up all night! So I'm hoping that tonight I get a decent sleep lol. Today I'll be sharing a simple stamping mani with you. See more after the jump! 


L'Oreal Royalty Reinvented Swatches & Review

Hey There!,

The week is almost over! I honestly don't even know why I'm excited because it's not like I have any plans or anything lmao. I'm that person that could get excited for the little things in life lol. Anyways I've got another lovely polish from L'Oreal Paris to share with you. I honestly didn't think that they're formula's were going to be good when I tried my first one but so far all the ones that I've tried have been great! Let's get started shall we! 

L'Oreal Royalty Reinvented Swatches & Review

Watermarble Wednesdays: Lilac, Yellow & Orange + Tutorial

Happy Wednesday!,

How are you!? I'm okay now. I actually had this post ready to go from earlier but then one of my ugly migraines decided to show it's ugly head and I just couldn't function to do anything. I feel like it's been so long since I've done a Watermarble Wednesdays post just because you know life happens lol. But I'll still be doing them so need to worry :P. Today's watermable I'm not too ecstatic with but I still somewhat like it. Let's see how it turned out shall we! 

Watermarble Wednesdays: Lilac, Yellow & Orange