Bad Bitch Polish Salty Bitch Collection Swatches & Review

Hey Everyone!,

How is everyone doing? I'm honestly really tired. I had some serious back pain the past like week and had to be on some serious medication that had me in and out of sleep, so of course, I had to be on bed rest. Stupid car accident. Lol. Either way, I'm starting to feel a bit better which means I can hopefully get some things that I want to done. Anyway enough about me! Today I've got these beautiful polishes by Bad Bitch Polish to share with you! These polishes are stamping polishes BUT they can also be worn alone!! See more after the jump!

Nail Challenge Collaborative - Green #1 + Tutorial

Happy Friday!!,

How's it going? I'm doing alright. I woke up with a slight headache so I'm actually hoping that it doesn't get any worse. Do you have any plans for the weekend? I totally almost forgot that Sunday is Mother's Day! Lol. Well, today I'll be sharing the first mani that I did for this month's Nail Challenge Collaborative - Green prompt! See more after the jump!

Clairestelle8 May 2017 Day 6 - Glitter & 30 Days Of Colour Challenge Week 1 - Neon

Hey Loves!,

How's it going? I hope you all have been well! I've been good. Starting back doing a business that I had joined a while back and I am so happy I did. It's really going well! But I really miss my blog and I want to get back to where it was before lol. So today I will share a mani that I actually did a while back but worked perfectly for these two prompts! Lol.

April 2017 Monthly Mani Favourites

Happy Monday!,

I hope that you all have had a fantastic weekend! Mine was busy and productive! I have started back doing this business I joined a while back but never really was pushing it. I've decided to give another go and really put an effort into it and I am so glad that I did! Anyway, today I'll be sharing my Aprill 2017 Monthly Mani Favourites. I didn't get to do as much nail art as I had hoped but hopefully this month will be different. As always you can find the links to the individual posts below!

  1. Nail Challenge Collaborative - Spring #1
  2. Nail Crazies Unite Day 7 - Hippy/Boho
  3. WNAC April 2017 Day 7 - Dots & 30 Days Of Colour Week 1 - Pastel + Tutorial
  4. EnjoyOurs Major Dijit - 01

PRESS RELEASE: Cupcake Polish New Special Effect Toppers

Cupcake Polish announces it's newest release: a set of 6 special effects toppers. These toppers are designed to be layered over other polishes and will transform any manicure. They can be mixed and matched and the options for layering these toppers is endless. The three color tinted holographic toppers can be layered to add additional color effects and can also be used over similar polishes to create non-graying holographic topper effect. The standard silver holographic topper can transform any manicure into a holographic one. The holographic glitter topper will give a scattered holographic effect to any manicure. Last, the iridescent glitter topper will give an opal-like look to any manicure. These toppers are perfect for nail art and will make any ordinary manicure extraordinary! Cupcake Polish toppers are handmade, long-wearing, and 5-free.

O.P.I Aloha From OPI Swatches & Review

Happy Friday!,

How is everyone doing? I'm alright. Can't complain. The oh so lovely internet has been giving trouble since Wednesday evening. So let's hope they get out and it sorted soon. But for now it's working and I will be getting as much done as I possibly can lol. Today I have this gorgeous O.P.I polish to share with you. Keep reading for more!

Bad Bitch Polish May Birthstone Duo Swatches & Review

Hey Loves!,

How are you doing? I'm doing alright trying to be as productive as possible today seeing as I have quite a bit I would like to get done. Plus the little one isn't feeling all that well. Life keeps throwing hurdles guys, but I.Am.Managing. Lol. Well enough about me! Today I have these two gorgeous polishes from Bad Bitch Polish to share with you! Keep reading for more!

EnjoyOurs Major Dijit -01

Happy Monday!,

Long time to post, chat, see? Lol. There has been so much going on that unfortunately, my blog had to take a back seat. But I'm still here and hoping to get back on track with everything ASAP. Lol. Today's post is going up later than I had expected but at least it's getting done! Today I'll be sharing this mani I created using the Major Dijit 01 Stamping Plate from EnjoyOurs. Keep reading for more!

WNAC April 2017 Day 7 - Dots & 30 Days Of Colour Week 1 - Pastel + Tutorial

Happy Monday!!,

I hope that you guys had a wonderful weekend. My past week has been eventful and my weekend was hectic. I even had to make a trip to the hospital with the little one on Sunday. So I'm pretty exhausted. So I'm pretty behind on some posts but let's see how caught up I can get this month! Today I'll be sharing my mani that I did for the WNAC Day 7 - Dots  & the 30 Days Of Colour Week 1 - Pastel prompts!

Challenge Your Nail Art Week 1 - Your Favourite Polish Colour

Happy Monday!,

How was your weekend? Mine was okay. Last week was a bit all over the place for me and I'm hoping that this week will be a calmer one lol. I still can't believe that we're in April already. The year is just moving fast. Anywho, today I have my mani that I'm considering to be a fail that I did for the Challenge Your Nail Art Week 1 - Your Favourite Colour prompt. Let's take a look!